At the end of the year, let’s not forget Mustapha !

You can help support Mustapha Awad by sending him a card or letter to break his isolation at the following mailing address:

Prison of Gilboa
To the attention of Mr. Mustapha AWAD
P.O.B. 65

Our friend Mustapha Awad (arrested by Israel on 19 July this year, when he only sought to visit the homeland of his ancestors, Palestine, and unjustly sentenced to one year in prison) is still denied even a single phone call to his family members, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. He cannot even receive a visit from them.

Mustapha went through weeks of harsh interrogations, invariably accompanied by cruel and inhumane treatment amounting to torture. He is imprisoned in the harsh conditions of a security prisons.

In interviews, Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian lawyer and former political prisoner, explains how deprivation of family visits and communication can be especially difficult for detainees. He himself was also denied family visits ; his wife and child are forbidden from entering Israel.

While in Brussels, Salah made a call: « Write to Mustapha! Your cards and letters will obviously first pass through Israeli censorship, but know that they will be of great comfort to Mustapha. »

Our letters also send a clear statement to the occupation authorities: we will not forget Mustapha, and we want his release!

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